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The launch of the Motorola Xoom was shortly followed by Apples introduction of the iPad2. Comparison and competition commenced proper absent and so began the battle between the two tablets. So which is superior and how do they assess. Beneath we go around the pros and disadvantages of both tablets. Beginning with the physical description, we uncover the iPad2 tablet to be lighter and slimmer than the Xoom Android tablet. Both products are solidly created but you can quickly maintain your iPad2 in your hand although the Xoom is bulky and a little bit awkward to hold. Visual appeal wise people located the iPad2 sleek and even hot wherever as large was the adjective applied to describe the Xoom. The authentic battle between the two units is the battle of software as each devices are operate by highly effective operating programs. The iOS four.3 which runs the iPad 2 is a steady and intuitive operating program which incidentally is also really uncomplicated to use. Android three. from Google which powers the Xoom, on the other hand offers more configuration selections but is a bit bewildering and so ease of use can be authored off. Android three. is vulnerable to occasional crashes and the applications not furnished by Google differ in high quality. The Xoom offers good a User Interface (UI), it has several capabilities you can customise to meet your demands but it however is not an simple unit to use the touch buttons are rather jumbled up which is relatively bewildering. The person interface too at times is overcomplicated. The iPad2 on the other hand arrives with straightforward controls and uncomplicated to comply with interface that even children can operate it. Comfort and performance of iOS 4.three has built the iPad2 a winner when it comes to interfacing. When evaluating some specs and attributes we locate that the Xoom Android stands out as it presents much more RAM, 10 inch display screen with larger resolution, superior cameras than the iPad2. Its outstanding functions include things like notifications technique, Voice Command and flip by flip directions. 4G compatibility is yet another solid stage of the Xoom but all these amazing features are let down by the lack of apps. Whereas the iPad2 might not have these great functions but it has the App Retailer characteristic which signifies thousands of applications at its disposal. In Pc tablets, programs matter the most and Apple has plenty of them. An individual place where the Xoom Android rocks is internet browsing. Website Browsing is much speedier and now with the extra flash assistance you can search the whole net. Apple works by using the Safari mobile browser which is quick but does not come to the degree of the Xooms browser. The absence of Adobe Flash is a big blow to the iPad2 as very well. Even though the existing Xoom does not best iphone apps function flash, it is promised in the subsequent version as is the SD card slot support. Equally the gadgets are at par when it will come to graphics. Battery life of the iPad2 is ten hrs soon after large use and can stretch up to eleven hours if utilised moderately though that of the Xoom is eight to nine hrs nonetheless if any badly optimized app is chosen, the battery daily life of the Xoom is likely to undergo. A different issue about the Xoom Android is that the three G connectivity is provided by Verizon only. The iPad2 on the other hand arrives with Wi-Fi only variations and you also get to decide on your carrier amongst AT&T and Verizon. Conclusion The Motorola Xoom may be the very best Android tablet but the absence of suitable applications and a difficult person interface are some functions which have allow it down. Still it is the favorite of the tech savvy whilst the iPad two remains a effective gadget with easy controls and is chosen by all. Please see our Authors box below for additional iPad vs the Xoom and other exciting news of what you require to know prior to buying an iPad Tablet. Thank you for taking the time to compare the iPad two to the Motorolla Xoom. Here is additional details wherever you can purchase iPad two Tablets at incredible rates or examine a lot more iPad Critiques here.